Original art collection 

In addition to my passion for geometry and architecture, I came under the influence of the Dutch painter Piet Mondrian. I began a search for philosophical meaning through visual expression embracing cubism and geometric abstraction. In my early years, the geometric abstraction work I adopted made use of horizontal and vertical geometric patterns restricted to straight lines, squares and rectangles. I used a palette restricted to primary colours, neutrals and monochromic. Some depicted an objective setting while others explored the complexity and interaction of basic geometric shapes with a rhythmic and geometric precision.

current artwork

Currently, I am exploring the irregular geometric shapes depicting an eccentric and futuristic style using extremely exotic shapes. When mixed together.. 

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previous artwork

In my more recent work, I have investigated the relationship of color effects and structured squares, either nested or scattered, floating in real depth created by heavy layering of transparent gesso... 

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sold artwork

Selected sold artwork to private art collectors, art dealer and art lovers...

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